Breast Cancer Awareness Month Spotlights Annual Mammograms

Support Breast Care for Washington's Service to the Medically Underserved

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Spotlights Annual Mammograms image

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Support Breast Care for Washington's Service to the Medically Underserved

Take Your Breast Health Into Your Own Hands for Your Best Health!

American Pest is pleased to continue our partnership with Breast Care for Washington. During Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, all donated funds collected from American Pest, their pest professionals, and their customers will go to Breast Care for Washington.

Breast Care for Washington is a community-centered screening organization that assists medically underserved women by providing no-cost mammograms, healthcare education, clinical breast examinations, and patient navigation services. Breast Care for Washington also has the only 3D mammography facility providing direct services within a community health clinic setting.

The breast cancer mortality rate in Washington, DC, is the highest in the country. While the reasons for this alarming statistic vary, doctors and scientists agree that early detection is the best defense in the battle against breast cancer. Therefore, breast cancer screenings provided by Breast Care for Washington will be a prime factor in improving the mortality rate throughout the D.C. region.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to highlight how women can take their breast health into their own hands with the goal of early detection:

  • Perform monthly breast self-exam
  • Make an appointment for your annual screening mammogram if you're 40 or older, or have a family history of breast cancer; call Breast Care for Washington at 202-465-7164 for an appointment!
  • Follow up on any tests or procedures indicated by your screening mammogram
  • See your primary care provider if you notice any changes in your breasts
  • Eat healthily
  • Exercise regularly
  • Moderate your drinking of alcohol, if applicable
  • Refrain from smoking

And then go on living your best life knowing you have taken the steps to assure not only your breast health, but your best health!